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Must Stash was created to alleviate parents needs to transport students belongings to and from school, for the short duration of the summer. Must Stash saves the back breaking stress of loading belongings into the family sedan just to reload them in three short months and bring them back to school. Don’t want to move your belongings across town at the end of the summer, let us drop off a closet in the spring you load it and we will store it for the summer then drop it off at your new address.


When ordering your Stash Unit, please note:

We serve Centre County and surrounding area Only.

There will be a $20 fee assessed for the use of a parking meter bag within State College Borough. If needed, MustStash Warehouse will obtain this permission on behalf of our clients that require deliveries in this zone of metered street parking.

Delivering through the weekend on PSU fall move in, other weekend deliveries by previous arrangement only. Deliveries to PSU Main Campus property may be limited, please call 814.317.1170 for more information.

Initial and final delivery dates can change if needed, just call us: 814.317.1170

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