MustStash is the solution for storing everything you don’t want to cart back and forth between your home, dorm, and apartment. With our three convenient Stash unit sizes, you can store just about anything you won’t need until you return to campus. Here are the most commonly-stored items:

What Can I Store?

  • Furniture, like lamps, small tables, chairs, lounges, tv stands, consoles, dressers, desks, drawers, rugs, shelves, bed frames, etc.
  • Décor, such as pictures, planting pots, wall decorations, curtains and rods
  • Kitchen items, silverware, small appliances, dishware
  • TV’s and entertainment items
  • Clothing and coats
  • Books, school supplies

What Can’t I Store?

  • Items that are liquid, flammable, toxic, radioactive, synthetic or naturally-gaseous, etc. (nothing considered “hazardous” under CERCLA)
  • Living items, vegetation, or wildlife/animals
  • Fine art, jewelry, currency, paintings/antiques/statues, stamps, stones of worth, furs
  • Highly valued property
  • Sentimental property that cannot be replaced
  • Fragile property

*See our Storage Conditions on the Register Now page for details on Prohibited Property