We get it! Nobody likes to pack. You just want to get moving, but don’t stress — MSW is here to help. Apply some simple packing tips and fit more, move quicker, and save yourself hassles when you reopen your Stash. It’s easy…

  1. Make an inventory of your Stash.
  2. Make sure you have the essential tools and materials for dismantling / packing.
  3. Use space within larger items to store your smaller items (e.g. store towels inside of empty dresser drawers).
  4. Break down larger furniture, such as bed frames and tables, and don’t forget to put hardware in a marked envelope and tape it to the piece.
  5. Use bubble wrap, Styrofoam, or storage supplies to protect items from scratching.
  6. Label your boxes for easy identification later.
  7. Don’t over-pack boxes! Don’t pack delicate items beneath heavy items.
  8. Tightly seal boxes with packing tape.
  9. Don’t store paint or chemicals that are flammable!
  10. Don’t store liquids; drain liquids prior to storing.
  11. Secure your Stash unit with a high-security lock.
  12. Remember that we are moving your Stash unit, so please insure that the contents will not shift when we are transporting it.
  13. If something stinks going in, everything will stink coming out.