How do I place an order?

Simple. Just click Register Now! and follow steps.

What can I stash?

What Can I Store?

How long can I stash my stuff?

You can select 1-12 months online. If you need to discuss a longer stashing option, please contact one of our helpful Sales Associates at Contact Us, or call 814-317-1170.

How do I protect my stash?

Remember that heavy items go on the bottom of your Stash unit. Books make a solid base to help guard against shifting weight. As you add more items on top, each layer should be progressively lighter in weight. Any fragile items need to be wrapped in bubble -pack, towels, etc. Words to pack by: if something stinks going in, everything will stink coming out. See some helpful Storage Tips on packing.

How do I reclaim my stash?

Just arrange a drop-off online before 2:00PM, and your stash will deliver the very next day.